Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Monte Christo Miqlat (MCM) wins nutrition tender!

The staff of MCM is celebrating the recent award of a nutrition tender (contract) with the MOD (Mass Opportunity Development) Centres! 

The MOD programme was launched by the DCAS (Department of Culture and Sport) of the Western Cape Provincial Administration in 2010 to support the needs of children after school.  The programme provides every needy school in the Western Cape Province with sustainable after-school recreation activities. The programme seeks to provide children with talent identification opportunities as well as afford access to beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of coaching.  Ultimately, it hopes to improve the quality and performance levels of all school-going children in and through sport. 

Recently the DSD (Department of Social Development), in collaboration with DCAS launched the Food Parcel Project to be managed through the MOD programme.  MCM applied for the tender (contract) in 6 regions and was awarded 4 of those regions (Metro South, Kaapse Wynland, Eden and West Coast).  The tender provides for 10,500 children in 51 schools located in 27 different towns throughout the Province and DSD's aim is to ultimately link the school-going children to the relevant welfare support services.

MCM staff who manage and administer the MOD Food Parcel Project

The parcel, itself, is provided daily and consists of a piece of fruit as well as one sandwich for primary school age children and two sandwiches for secondary school age children.  The food parcel is prepared (sandwiches made and fruit washed), packaged, packed and delivered by MCM's Food Centre. 

Food Parcels ready to be distributed

Learners participating in MOD programme
The provincial government reports that the MOD programme has recorded impressive achievements since its inception in 2010. It has provided mass participation opportunities for disadvantaged communities, resulting in skills development and talent identification for learners as well as valuable and needed training for coaches and coordinators.  The programme has gone a long way towards revitalising school sport.  The provincial government also reported that the feeding programme was successfully initiated at a total of 64 Focus Centres across the province. All learners participating at the centres receive a food parcel, and attendance has increased notably since the introduction of this 'much needed' programme.

MCM is thrilled to be in the middle of this new programme, and is looking forward to continuing to build good and healthy relationships with the students and the schools.  We wish to thank our staff members Edo Malan, Morne Gerber, Mario Nell, Glenay Jacobs and Denise Ontong (pictured from left to right in the first picture) for the outstanding job they are doing managing this new project!

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