Thursday, February 7, 2013

MCM staff members go back to school!

The new year has gotten off to a good start at Monte Christo Miqlat (MCM), and we are really excited about some of our major goals and initiatives for 2013.  One of those initiatives involves further education for staff members.  The management and leadership teams have made the decision to invest further into the growth of our employees by providing additional educational opportunities.  Eleven of our fellow staff members (pictured below) have chosen to take advantage of the opportunity, and will be furthering their studies at Boland College, Breytenbach Centre, UNISA and University of Stellenbosch .  

We thought you might enjoy hearing a little bit from each of these employees, so we'll share a little about their current responsibilities and provide a quote from some of them about how they feel about furthering their education.

Surita Blankenberg is the Receptionist and Administrative Clerk at Tiffany's Community Care Centre.  She will studying at Boland College and furthering her studies as a management assistant.  She says "I am very happy for this opportunity.  I never thought that I can make it this far.  I want to thank MCM for this and I know that the Lord will bless us."

Willeem Jacobs is the Day Shift Supervisor for MCM's Drakenstein Food Centre.  She, also, will be furthering her studies as a management assistant at Boland College.  She shares "I am very grateful for the opportunity I've been given to do this course.  It's only a blessing from God that I have been chosen to be a student and I am thankful towards my employees for what they have invested in me to achieve my goals in the future.  I see it as a new challenge, which I'm always ready for and will try my best doing myself and Monte Christo Miqlat proud."

Ursula Plaatjies is a Student and Coach with MCM's Sports and Recreation ministry.  Over the last couple of years, she has also blessed the ministry with her art and creativity in many ways including 1) working in the classroom with younger, aspiring artists 2) assisting an overseas visiting volunteer who created a huge sports mural that was installed at the entrance of the MCM Sports Park, and 3) preparing posters, flyers and signs as needed throughout the ministry.  She will be furthering her studies in Arts and Culture at the Breytenbach Centre.

Glenay Jacobs is an Administrative Clerk with MCM's Finance Department.  She will be furthering her studies as a management assistant at Boland College.  Glenay shares "my studies have given me a new perspective on my career and something that I look forward to in the future.  I have gained so much knowledge during this time of my studying in this line of my career.  This has developed a kind of passion and enthusiasm for me to do this in the future.  I look forward to being a successful Management Assistant and use my knowledge to do the best of my ability."

Jolanda Willemse is a waitress at the MCM Coffee Shop.  She will be studying computer practice at Boland College and says this "I look forward to this opportunity to continue studying.  It's nice to know the ministry stuck behind me and fully supports me as a student."

Johannes Klaasen is a Sports Coordinator with MCM's Sports and Recreation ministry.  He will be studying marketing at Boland College.

Mario Nel is a Finance Assistant with MCM's Finance Department.  BCom PT Accounting will be the topic of his further studies at UNISA.  Mario says "the opportunity that I have at the moment to study gives me direction in my life and provides the opportunity for a better future.  I'm working hard to reach my goals."

Morne Gerber is a Finance Assistant with MCM's Finance Department.  He, also, will be studying BCom PT Accounting at UNISA.  He shares the following about furthering his studies. "I'm living my dream, and that's why I'm very excited about my course at the moment.  It also helps me a lot in my day to day role as a financial assistant, so that's why I'm looking forward to the road ahead."

Douglas Muller is a Project Manager with MCM's Full Circle Programme.  He will be studying computer practice at Boland College and shares the following.  "I'm very excited and looking forward to have the opportunity that God created. I am very grateful to be given the chance to sharpen my skills."

Francisco Naude is the Manager of MCM's Sports and Recreation ministry.  Francisco started with MCM in it's early days, and is looking forward to furthering his education in Business Administration at Boland College.

Lonwabo Mshede is a Programme Manager at Lukhanyo Community Care Centre.  He will be working towards his BA in Social Work at University of Stellenbosch.  Lonwabo shares "I feel great!  I started 24 January with the welcome sessions at University of Stellenbosch and I've met a lot of friends.  I thank God for the people that He brought in my life who motivated me and makes things possible."
As you can see, we have some very excited staff members.  We are grateful that much of this education has been provided at no cost to the ministry or to the students.  And we hope that this additional education will further motivate and empower our staff members to continue to excel in their current and future roles in the ministry and beyond.