Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Soccer Season is under way...

Along with the rains, soccer really picks up as well. Our three fields will begin to see full time use as the winter season arrives. Now that the Easter Holiday is past, our five school coaches will be hosting practices and games on the fields each week along with other teams as well.
The goal of "Coaching 1000" is to be coaching 1000 kids each week. To do this, we need good coaches, strong leagues and good quality facilities. Right now we're on our way to being there. We have three top quality fields, strong inspiring coaches, a growing section of stands, our container-based offices and changing rooms. Our "extreme dream" is to build a recreation building that would be the home for kids surrounding our fields. We're meeting with a local architect to come up with a graphic picture of this dream.
Imagine how awesome it would be to have hundreds of kids coming to the sports park each and every day instead of hanging out in the streets. Imagine rooms for team meetings, a recreation hall with ping pong, foosball and other activities, art and drama classes and whatever else these kids need to grow. What a blessing that would be!!! Would you pray with us that we would be able to build it??? We'd like to thank each one of you for your encouraging thoughts and prayers... they're what keeps us going!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New dollhouse for Bowy House

This past week everyone at Bowy House was super excited by a surprise, LARGE gift that we received for our kids...a dollhouse. But this isn't your typical dollhouse. It is a child life-size house that was constructed in the play yard so that the children could ''play house" during their outside activities. The house has miniature furniture pieces such as a stove, oven, baby high chair, ironing board and other kitchen items as well as other toys and play areas where they can enjoy running their own little household. Pictured here are two of our older children who were having a little rest on the front porch of the dollhouse. We are grateful to our generous donor who blessed us with this wonderful addition.
As a side note, the little one who is poking her head out of one of the windows is leaving us this week to go and live with her grandmother in the Eastern Cape. She has been with us since she was a small baby, and we are thrilled that at 3+ years old she can now go and be a part of her extended family. Please join us in celebrating our new gift and the fact that one of our kids is going home.